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At Tonal Productions we take your home movies and turn them into high quality DVDs or digital formats! We use the finest equipment to provide you with the finest results, preserving your videos for years to come.

Transferring 8mm film (both regular and Super8) is our specialty. We use high quality projectors which record your film frame-by-frame with LED backlighting. There is no flickering, no "hotspots", and your film is not harmed in any way. It is simply the best way to transfer film.

We can also transfer VHS tapes and their little cousins, VHS-C tapes with the same high quality.

With digital cameras we can transfer most formats. This includes 8mm tapes, miniDV tapes and video cards.

We also offer scanning services for 35mm slides and photos. Using high quality digital scanners at a variety of bitrates, your pictures will look fabulous and last a lifetime.

With all services, complete editing is available. We'll get rid of any blank spots or damaged video seamlessly, leaving you with just the footage you want. We can also add captions, music or narration to any video and combine any type of format, letting you personalize your video any way you like.

One of our most popular services is storing your video right here on our website. Your video is available at any time simply by visiting our "Video Vault" and choosing your video.

With all the services we offer, you can rest assured that we can handle all your video needs!

Why Choose Us...

There are several reasons to choose us for your video needs.

  • First and most importantly, the quality of our work. We use the best equipment available to assure that all our work is done with professional results.

  • Fast service. In most cases, your videos will be done and returned to you within a week.

  • Personalized service. No two jobs are ever the same and we work hard to insure that your videos are done the way you want.

  • Pricing. We've done our homework and found our prices to be the most competitive on the market. In fact, we're about half what our competitors charge.
  • Customer Service. When you contact us, you'll be dealing with a live person who is the same one who will be doing all your work. We can answer all your questions, get precise directions and make all the arrangements with one phone call.

We're not the biggest transfer house, but we feel we're your best option for fast, friendly, high-quality and low priced service!

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